What is an art? Give some details about painting art

An art is considered as one of the diverse range of human activities which creates a visual and the auditory works which expresses the author’s imaginative and the conceptual ideas. The main three classifications or branches of arts are listed below:

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Architecture

Painting is considered as the main category of arts and you can find many types of medium like paint, pigment or color to a solid surface. These can be used to the surface with the help of a brush and also other implements like knives, sponges, air brushes can also be used. The last and the complete work after all this is known as painting. Painting is one of the most important forms in the illustration arts category as it brings in elements like drawing, gesture, composition, narration, abstraction and much more. In the portion of the history of painting, the eastern and western type of arts has been dominated by the religious arts and the examples of these kinds of paintings ranges from the artwork depicting the mythological figures on the pottery to the scenes from the life of Buddha.

In the term of art, painting is considered as the form which describes both the act and the result of the action being performed. The supporting factors of this painting includes the surfaces like walls, papers, canvas, woods, glass, lacquer, pottery, leaf, copper and concrete and the paintings which done by combining other multiple materials like sand, clay, paper, plaster and the other objects.

Elements of painting:

The elements of painting include the following terms which have been listed below:

  • Color and tone

  • Non-traditional elements

Color and tone – The colors which has been made up with the help of hue, saturation and the value, it gets dispersed over the given surface which is the essence of painting just like the pitch and rhythm which is considered as the essence of music. Color is a highly subjective one but also it has an observable psychological effect which differs from one culture to the next one. Some painters, theoreticians, writers and the scientists like Goethe, Kandinsky and Newton has formulated their own color theory.

Non-traditional elements – The modern artists who have extensive practice of painting is considerably includes the example called hodgepodge which began with the Cubism and it is not a painting in its strict sense. The modern painter’s uses different materials like the metal, plastic, sand, cement, straw, leaves or the wood for their texture. When it comes to the digital painting, the artists use the programs like Adobe Photoshop or the Corel painter. Many artists are doing awesome modern works with the help of advanced tools.

As in the early 17th century, the specific senses of the word art which is an abbreviation for the creative art or the fine art has been emerged. This influences the painting skills among the people which are used to express an artist’s creativity and talents.